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Your Birthday - born 18th, April

Today - discover the make-up of people born on 18th, April ! Tune in each and every day to see the traits and characteristics people born on different days of the year hold.

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Born today on the 18th, April :
Angry, argumentative April 18 is really a pushover. The poppet of the universe. Gentle of intent, lover of choccy biscuits and generally having a good time. And, in many cases has the sort of brain worth much to a kidnap-happy extra-terrestrial bootlegger of special interest humans. But oh, hist, who goes there? A neighbour who has built his garden wall too high, too low, too thin, too thick. A damsel who has let her perfumed bath water run down our darling's light socket in the living room beneath. Awful 18 will become so obsessed with this misdeed, it will entertain him for months. Years. Friends soothe, discourage the lawyer's letters, the telephone calls and threatened court action. But often to no avail. Civilised, sexy April 18 should know better. But lets it get out of hand until everybody is on non-speakers and choosing their frock for the court appearance. What can one say? It gets worse as this creature gets older. Nobody wins and the cardinal rule for Aries anyway should be never enter into a dispute with a neighbour, because you live there and must surely want it to be peaceable. Loneliness often accompanies this person, partly because he is slightly obsessive and works too hard to give time to a lover. And yet the world about her is beckoning with people desperate to become her companion. This is one of those days which attracts hordes of admirers into old age. In youth, both sexes will have been fairly outrageous bed hoppers, so they know that a powerful electromagnetic pulling power is theirs. It may be that these disputes add the missing passion to their lives and take the place of time-consuming love affairs, where the interaction is not confined to threatening legal letters. But while there's life and laughter and willing admirers, this child of arguments should drop them and allow all that old generosity, sweetness and sense of fun to be uppermost once more. Have you heard the one about the man who always wore sunglasses? He took a dim view of things.
Body :

Sleep is essential to this person, who may suffer more than most from nervous irritability and disturbing dreams. It is helpful to use an essential oil burner an hour before bed with lavender, sandalwood, rose, neroli, camomile and frankincense. Some scatter drops of lavender on the pillow or put drops on a piece of cotton wool and then place it in the pillow case. Camomile is generally regarded as especially helpful for disturbing dreams and should dominate all your blends. Try a herb tea before retiring. Camomile, lime blossom and lemon balm are effective. A relaxing lavender bath before bed may do the trick.
Mind :

In numerology 18 is ruled by 9 (1+8=9) which means aggression and a wrong path taken. But the 18th card in the Major Arcana is The Moon, promising love, empathy, happiness and emotional understanding. Let The Moon rule.

Missed Your Birthday? If you've missed your birthday reading - or if you'd like to know about a date in the future simply select the date from the list below and you can have this sent to you via email for only 99p.

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